For step-in deck boats with molded swim platforms, side consoles, and blunt bows. Fits inboard/outboard and jet-drive boats with no windshield.

The AllGuard Weatherproof Semi-Custom Fit Boat Cover provides heavy duty coverage against water, wind, snow, UV rays, dirt, pests, mold, mildew, and more. Backed by a 10-year warranty and a guaranteed fit, the AllGuard Weatherproof cover is also highly breathable to protect against mold and mildew. Your marine-grade cover arrives with everything you need–it is trailerable, easy to install, and includes a buckle and strap system specific to your boat type–which ensures an extra snug fit that helps extend the lifespan of your boat. 


  • Outdoor/indoor rated for year-round protection
  • 600D marine-grade polyester fabric + Anti-Mold/Mildew coating + Anti-UV coating
  • Double-stitched, reinforced interlock seams with rot-proof thread for durability and added water resistance
  • Reliable buckle and strap system specific to your watercraft type
  • Trailerable for on-the-go coverage
  • Fully elasticized hems for extra snug fit
  • Reinforced bow and stern with web loops for quick and easy reinforced tie-down
  • Built-in air ventilation for added protection against internal mold and mildew accumulation
  • Sewn-on ID tag
  • Backed by a 10-Year Warranty

Semi-Custom Fit

Semi-custom fit, also known as “styled-to-fit,” means that your cover is manufactured to fit the style, shape, and size of your boat. While not as precise as a custom cover, it is highly fitted to your boat’s dimensions: length, width, and height. A buckle and strap system included with your cover gives you extra control for a snug fit.


The AllGuard Weatherproof boat cover protects your boat on the go. Multiple sewn loops along the outer hem of the cover allow for securing to the trailer body with the included straps. Tightly secure the straps to prevent any loose corners from lifting from the wind. When trailering, use a maximum speed of 50-65 MPH or the maximum trailering speed established by your state.


Installing your cover is simple and takes approximately 5 minutes. To start, simply line up the front of the cover on the front of your boat. Next, begin unrolling the cover towards the back of the watercraft. When fully unrolled to the back of the watercraft, begin pulling the cover over the left and right sides. Last step is to ensure you have fastened any and all straps to your boat to protect from wind gusts.


Due to the size of the cover, most boat covers cannot be washed in a washing machine. To clean the cover, you may use a soft tool such as a brush to wipe away debris from the cover. Once excess debris is removed, spray the cover down with a mild soap and water, and allow to soak. After soaking, simply spray the cover down with a hose to wash away dirt and grime. Never use heat to dry your cover. Heat tools will damage your cover and void the warranty. 


Your boat cover comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer guarantee. If your claim falls under our warranty protection, we will either prorate the price for a new product or send you a replacement product for free.

We aim to keep you as a customer for life and stand by our warranty. You can count on us for superior boat protection and customer service. See our Warranty terms and conditions for complete warranty information, as some exclusions may apply based on wear and tear from severe abrasive conditions; contact with chemicals such as bleach; boat accidents; improper installation; and improper usage.

AllGuard Weatherproof Semi-Custom Cover for Deck Boats

  • Semi-Custom Fit
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rated
  • Top Quality Water, Dust, & UV Ray Protection
  • FREE Storage Bag with Purchase
  • Buckle & Strap System
  • Trailerable